Benefits of a Sociedad Limitada


Spain Key points

  • Less than 10 days to incorporate.
  • Only 1 director of any nationality is required.
  • Only 1 shareholder of any nationality is required.
  • Share Capital is only €3000.
  • We obtain an NIE number for the directors and shareholders.
  • VAT registration within 2 days.
  • We assist you in setting up a company bank account.
  • The incorporation includes Tax ID number (CIF), VAT number (NIE), notary fees, taxes and legal fees.
  • We provide you with full expert assistance throughout every step of the company formation process.

Limited Liability

  • Liability of shareholders is limited to the initial share capital.
  • Your company has a legal existence separate from management and its members/shareholders.
  • Minimum capital required relatively low, 3,000 €, which once paid can also be used to finance investments or liquidation.
  • Only one shareholder is required, which may be an individual or corporation.
  • Affordable establishment costs, excluding the constribution of capital.
  • Easier access to bank loans because this type of company shows a better image.
Other benefits of the Spanish Sociedad Limitada are:  
  • Shareholders can retain annonimity; ownership and transfer of shares is confidential.
  • Transfer of company shares may be utilized to transfer personal wealth.
  • Company Registration legally protects your company name against anyone else forming a similarly named SL company in Spain.
  • Details of the company can be verified with trading partners.
  • Your company may be used to take over another company through a merger or through purchasing assets of another company.
  • A company can purchase or be assigned the right to use a copyright, patent, trademark, with a power to sub-license and subsequently exploit the intellectual property right in various countries.

Features of a Limited Company in Spain:

  • Only one director is required who must be an individual, and may be of any nationality.
  • One shareholder is required, who may be an individual or a company.
  • The company must have a registered office address in Spain.
  • Share capital requirement is 3,000 euros.
  • Shareholders and directors must have spanish identification numbers (NIE).
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