Spain - Company Incorporation


Spain Key points

  • Less than 10 days to incorporate.
  • Only 1 director of any nationality is required.
  • Only 1 shareholder of any nationality is required.
  • Share Capital is only €3000.
  • We obtain an NIE number for the directors and shareholders.
  • VAT registration within 2 days.
  • We assist you in setting up a company bank account.
  • The incorporation includes Tax ID number (CIF), VAT number (NIE), notary fees, taxes and legal fees.
  • We provide you with full expert assistance throughout every step of the company formation process.

Incorporating a Limited Company in Spain

  • We obtain a certificate from the Mercantile Register that the company name you choose is not already taken
  • We draft the Statutes and by-laws for the Escritura (deed)
  • We obtain a temporary Corporate Tax Identification Number (CIF) from the Tax Office
  • We arrange for a notary to sign the deed of incorporation
  • We register the Deed with the Spanish Corporate Registry
  • We obtain the permanent CIF number from the Tax Office in Spain

To apply for a Spanish company please complete our online order form.

The Spanish Private Limited Company is the SL, and has a similar structure to private limited company's in other European countries. 

The first step we take is to check the availability of your company name: 

  Company Name

We apply for your company name with the Mercantile Register to confirm the name is available. 

  Share Capital 

The share capital to incorporate a Spanish SL is 3000 euros, and must be paid at the time of incorporation. 


Only one director is required and may be of any nationality. The director must obtain a Spanish fiscal identity number (NIE).


One shareholder is required and may be of any nationality.

  Registered Office

An SL requires a registered office where all official documents are served. Formacompany can act as a Registered Office for your company. 

  Company Bank Account 

All our companies are delivered with a Spanish bank account.   

  Ready Made Companies

We have a list of ready made companies available for purchase. The ready made company can start trading immediately once the transfer of ownership has been carried out through a notary in Spain.   

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