Registering a Branch Office in Spain - Sucursal

Foreign companies can create a branch in Spain reasonably quickly.  There are three steps to incorporating a branch:
  • Acquire a CIF Number so notarial deeds can be drafted
  • Obtain NIE Number for the people incorporating the Branch Office
  • Register the branch

CIF Number

You will need a identification number for the foreign company which intends to register a branch in Spain. This number is called a "CIF", which is a tax identification number. This number is required so that the company may be identified in any notarial documents.

The following documents are required to obtain a CIF number:

  • Certificate of Good Standing with Apostille for the foreing company, indicating directors and shareholders.
  • Copy of the deeds of the foreign company - it is not neccessary for these to be legalised
  • Resolution from the board of the foreign company, authorising us to get a CIF number in Spain for the holding company
  • Translation of the above documents. 

NIE number

Branches, like limited companies, must have a director. The directors do not need to be residents in Spain, but do need to be identified in Spain through an NIE number. Typically, a person will already be director of the foreign company which is incorporating the Branch in Spain.

The steps to obtain an NIE number are:

  • The potential director should apply for an NIE number in the Spanish consulate of his country of residence or with a designated police station in Spain.
  • We will draft a Power of Attorney to obtain an NIE number. The Power of Attorney must be signed with a notary in the country of the director, and legalised for use in Spain; then sent to us.
  • We will apply for an emergency NIE number with the tax authorities, and this number will be given to us immediately.
  • The authorities will give a director a permanent NIE number at a later date.

Register the Branch Office

The branch comes into existence through a notarial deed which can be signed by a representative of the foreign company with a power of attorney, or by us on behalf of the company.

There are then several steps and payments that we make on behalf of the company that has set up the branch. These include:

  • Registering the deed at the Regional Tax Office, national tax office and registry of companies.
  • Obtaining the “digital signature” for the company, so that it can lodge various tax returns

Registered Office for a Branch 

We can act as registered office for a branch office of a company. As a registered office we will:

  1. Receive official mail on behalf of the company
  2. Attend to mail quickly, and forward it to you as soon as possible.
  3. Translate mail if you require us to do so.

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