Representative Office in Spain

The Representative Office is a non-permanent establishment that allows a Company to be introduced to the Spanish Market.

From it the Company will be able to invoice from Spain and have a Spanish Tax number. A Representative Office's typical business activities consist of coordination, assistance, storage, delivery of goods, etc.

Setting up a Representative Office in Spain

The following documents are presented at the time of incorporation: 

  • A recent certificate of the Company that showing the directors of the company and Apostille
  • A copy of the Company's Public Statutes (Memorandum and Articles of Association)
  • All documents are translated into Spanish and lodged with the Tax authorities with the “036” Tax form
  • A name and address must be provided so that the authorities can send correspondence to the company.

You will be allotted a NIF number for the company. We can help the company get the required information together, organise the translations and lodge documents for you.

Representative Office Duties

As the company is invoicing in Spain, the company may have to register for VAT and possible IAE (Impuestos sobre Activitdades Económicas)

Company based in Spain (Establecemiento Permanente)

If the company looks after all parts of the business in Spain, the company is deemed to have permanent establishment in Spain and must register for Corporation Tax in Spain.

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